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Making technology really easy to use.

Despite widespread adoption, a lot of websites are too difficult for seniors to use.

We developed a CMS that could be updated easily regardless of age and help reinvigorate the Rotary Club of Nelson, New Zealand.

Rotary Nelson Editing the website via a CMS
Logging in and editing the CMS through Webbi's proprietary technology
Adding and removing from the list of projects and managing them directly
Updating the website content through a Google Spreadsheet proved popular.

The Rotary Club's current Wordpress site proved too complex to maintain, preventing potential volunteers from taking on the responsibility of updating the site.

Our focus: Build a website used by people of all ages, ranging from children to senior citizens to increase membership.

Simple design with a clear message.
Legible by senior citizens.
Interesting for potential new members.
Navigation is obvious

SEO optimized organic traffic

We focused on well-known and proven methods to show up in the first pages on Google for important keywords. Blog posts, stories about members, and Call to action buttons on every page to make enquiries frictionless.

Rotary Club of Nelson website calls to action
Rotary Club of Nelson website calls to action
Rotary Club of Nelson website contact form
Rotary Wheel intorudcing clubs of Nelson.
An irresistible themed call to action begging to be pressed.

Building trust

To stand out, we added stories of members delving into their career history and identity.

People love learning (especially when it's about other people). These stories helped build the Rotary Club of Nelson's personality and gave credibility to their members by showing that they are highly successful in their respective fields.

rotary club of nelson stories

Everyone loves a mascot

International Rotary wheel spinning

An obvious choice to use as a motif throughout the site was the Rotary wheel. It was an easily acceptable ornament due to its simple structure and prominent branding.

It unified the page by making it reappear multiple times. And of course the rotating animation made it more immersive.

A community focus

Through discussions with new members, it was clear that there were two main motivators for people to join a Rotary club:

Career Development

Keyword-focused content

We tailored SEO keywords to find audiences who fit these segments. People interested in volunteering or those who had just moved to Nelson were excellent candidates.

Given the Club's members diverse ranges of expertise, we also tangentially added content related to business networking.

Then we keep iterating until it works.

Rotary Club of Nelson Seach Console up and to the right

Rotary Club of Nelson
Rotary Club of Nelson

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