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Focusing on Client Success

What we ask before a project

Before working with a new client on a project, we try to answer these questions:

  • What pain point is the client trying to eliminate?
  • How does their proposed solution solve that problem?
  • Who would find this product most useful? 
  • Where do we find the target customers? Are they accessible online?
  • Are there competing solutions in the same space?
  • Do the other solutions have strong branding and character?
  • Is there evidence of existing users having these pain points?
  • What are the competing solutions doing well?
  • How will we know if we've achieved the client's goal (or surpassed it)?

Products can be nebulous so we try and focus on these core principles to guide us early on in the planning and research stages of building a new website. Later on while iterating, we come back to these questions to assess how successful we've been and what changes we can make to improve our trajectory.

Most of the time, what clients are after is either more traffic (attention), or more reputation (branding). Some treat a brand new website as a business card or portrait to be recognized by others. While others want to drive more traffic and conversions. Either way, your website should be your best salesperson and getting more people in the door than any cold caller ever could. One of them keeps working while you sleep and doesn't take days off.

Our approach to figuring out problems

As every problem is different, every solution must be unique. We help our clients build an online sales machine with individually moving components working in unison leading to a desired outcome.  This varies by circumstance, but we stick to the basics and best practices, then iterate to success. 

"Consumers are often drawn in by flashy promotions or special offers, but trust is what keeps them coming back long term"

In a lot of cases, figuring out how to build trust is half of the challenge. It's dressed in many clothes, but after identifying this, it's a matter of communicating the core values across to people clearly and concisely, then living up to those expectations in a genuine way, again and again, and again.

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