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Website, UI

Bringing history to the forefront

We brought a fresh perspective to Nelson's historical materials to appeal to a wider audience.

Transforming copywriting into a modern website

Working with Historians meant a concrete idea for the copywriting was already there, our job was to help lay it out onto a digital canvas to honestly and effectively convey their message.

Ancient colours of the past refurbished in a modern setting.


Simplicity, dust
Dirt from which life is built
Iron Rust, Soil and Copper


Elegance, Wealth, and power
Death & darkness
The first pigment used by artists in prehistory
The first ink used by book printers


Copper tarnish
Rebirth, growth, and regeneration

Honest straight lines with minimal transitions.

Transitions lead the eye down. We wanted to portray a professional feel where 'What you see is what you get'. This meant showing content as clearly as possible, and keeping copywriting to a minimum to allow visitors time to connect the dots for themselves.

  • 1
    Banner images for immediate immersion
  • 2
    Social proof
  • 3
    Introduction to Nelson Historical Society
  • 4
    Calendar events to promote the community
  • 5
    Chronological timeline like this one to establish Nelson Historical Society's long standing commitment to their home.
  • 6
    Nelson's Historical Society's field trips and ongoing projects.
  • 7
    Society journals and publications
  • 8
    Resources & Links that people may find useful to link back to.
  • 9
    Teaching people how to become a member
  • 10
    Upsell on active Facebook page

  • Leading to two forms of
    conversions 🎉

    1Join upcoming monthly meeting.
    2Fill in membership form
    Becoming a member Nelson Historical SocietyEvents Calendar Nelson Historical Society

Bringing curiosity off the page

Each image was accompanied by a icon. This felt like a Museum and let people learn while browsing through the website without removing them from the immersion.

Nelson Historical Society banner image
Image Info

This image is just a sample but it's really useful to have the image's context outlined in a popup to help uncover more information and build the relationship with the visitor.

Link to external content near the footer to transition into the end of the page. This helps visitors flow subconsciously understand the logical structure of the page and its message.

Really easy to update.

No manuals or training sessions. The site is editable through a Google spreadsheet. Just add a new row and it's a new event. Change the text and the text on the website reflects it.

Nelson Historical Society Updating through Google sheets spreadsheet

We find spreadsheets useful for frequently updated information. A separate CMS was bundled in for more permanent information such as the website's copywriting or images.

Nelson Historical Society
Nelson Historical Society

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