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Boutique travel as a service

Our task was to making visitors to the new website understand and feel comfortable with the Heaphy Track and lead them to book tours.

We did this with a brand new slick website and by pre-emptively addressing any of their questions through copywriting.

Let's begin with a logo

By the time Bush and Beyond approached us, their logo had been in use for over twenty years and looked like a bush. We set out with revamping it to reflect a modern brand.

Bush and beyond Heaphy Track guided walks logo designed by Webbi Digital Studio
1 Serif font for legibility and professionalism.
2Contrasts with primary dark green colour.
3Silhouette of person feels like watching a sunset while hiking and conveniently replaces the & symbol.
4Large vertically stretched text feels luxurious.

E-commerce through PayPal

Rather than integrate a fully baked payments solution, we chose to simply embed a payments button and save countless hours. Both get the job done, but one option was significantly faster to implement with a similar outcome.

Bush and Beyond lead generation formBush and Beyond lead generation form

Multistep form to convert casual bookings into qualified leads.

Repetition of the important stuff

Pertinent details such as hiking distance, durations, difficulty, and brief itineraries were displayed as early as possible and reinforced often.

Bush and Beyond Heaphy Track Guided Walk
Bush and Beyond Old Ghost Trail
An animated elevation profile shows visitors what to expect on the Heaphy track and gets them in the mindset for the hike.

Selection to filter interests

A variety of people would visit, tours catering to each market segment were added to help understand what people were interested in, and boast Bush and Beyond's dexterity in tour guiding.

There was also plenty of supporting content around catering, room arrangements, introducing the team, and conservation efforts.

Bush and Beyond tour options

Working towards the wow

First we figured out what would impress people and worked backwards to build a website that would do this.

Animated elevation profiles helped visitors visualize the experience and high quality photos were added wherever possible without compromising the page loading speed.

Click the image below!

A small navigation menu helps people answer their most important questions about the guided tour.
Clear transparent pricing displayed early sets the mood, following content is used to reinforce this bold assertion.
Images help people visualise the trip before they consider booking.
Call to actions are scattered in the footer and at the bottom of most pages.
A small navigation menu helps people answer their most important questions about the guided tour.

Since Bush and Beyond offer tour packages at a relatively high price point. We used long form copywriting to lead the viewer down the page and make the sale easier.

Measurements to success:

The time it took people to scroll down the page
How far people usually scrolled.
The number of pages people went through before leading to the conversion event.

Having a lot of space on the page feels high class like walking through an Apple or Louis Vuitton store. We replicated this with high margin and padding values.

We just couldn't resist

Social proof is indispensable and testimonials are gold. How valuable is a quote from the former Prime Minister?

Helen Clark testimonial Bush and Beyond

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