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We made our quotations public

We gave it some thought and decided to open up our pricing. Although it seems like a simple decision, there are a lot of benefits.


By openly sharing quotations and pricing we operate in an open and honest manner with every client and provide clarity and avoid any potential confusion.


By providing transparent pricing upfront, we save time for both ourselves and potential clients. Clients can quickly assess whether our services align with their budget, reducing the need for lengthy negotiations or back-and-forth discussions.

Competitive advantage

Publicly displaying our pricing allows potential customers to compare our services with other web designers. Our pricing is competitive and clearly presented. A lot of people tell us they find it useful to have these details readily available when making purchasing decisions.

Efficient lead qualification

When clients have access to pricing information, they can pre-qualify themselves based on their budget and needs. This helps filter out potential customers who may not be a good fit for our offerings, saving time and resources by focusing on more qualified leads.

Building customer confidence

We clearly state our pricing because we're confident in the value, quality, and fairness we offer. 

Improved customer experience

Openly sharing pricing information helps clients set realistic expectations and budget for our services. Our clients are usually more satisfied as they can make informed decisions based on their budget and requirements.

Hold on

Before you start letting everyone know that all pricing should be public, it's important to consider the context of your industry and business model. Publishing pricing publicly won't work for all businesses. For some industries, custom solutions or tailored pricing may be necessary based on individual client needs. 

Assess your specific business circumstances and industry norms before deciding whether to make your quotations and pricing public.

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