Your website should be your best salesperson. Your website should be getting more people in the door and interested than any cold caller ever could. Welcome to our tiny corner of the internet where we tackle your website challenges. What problem is the client trying to solve? How does their product solve that problem? Who is the target customer? How is it different from other products in the same space? What do they stand for? What are their core values? What kind of pain points are existing users experiencing? What are existing users loving about it? In one sentence, how will we know we’ve been successful? Website = copywriting + images + layout/design. Where possible, use images with the same theme. Copywriting that is short, succinct, and grabs attention. "Consumers are often drawn in by flashy promotions or special offers, but trust is what keeps them coming back long term" Building trust through social proof, a clean and tidy look, and honest simple copywriting. One of the best strategies for local SEO is to ensure your name, address and phone number are consistent across the internet. From social media to directories, your NAP should match your Google My Business listing to the "t." Local SEO should also include a strategy for generating more reviews on Google." A/B testing asking people which one they thought worked better, then show them actual results. "Click to see which one worked better Working from the end goal backwards. We always try to understand: Google Lighthouse loves our super fast prerendered static pages. Industry standards, SSL certificates, authentication, regular backups. All of this is abstracted away. Reach the largest audiences with Fully responsive websites. 50% of traffic is mobile. Case studies showcase this clearly. Graphics that make people go Wow. Based on clients, either simple, or more complex graphics with WebGL rendering and 3D models. Catering to all sorts of industries. Your case is not so specific, we've probably faced many similar challenges before. Fully integrated analytics to make informed decisions. Full Google Analytics integration means we Remove the guesswork. We know what buttons are clicked, how often they are clicked, and where your visitors are coming from. This helps us create a SEO strategy going forward and plan next steps to tackle the market. What customers to look for next, and where can we find them. Super easy updates via spreadsheet. Some people prefer to make updates through a spreadsheet. Our system is as simple as opening up a Google Doc then viewing the changes on your website. Super fast loading times.

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